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Sheet Mulching is a great, inexpensive method to prepare garden beds and minimize weeds for your edible plants. Check this video out to see how…


Garden Beds in Humboldt County (McKinleyville, CA)

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Sustainable Landscaping

Sustainable landscaping materials and methods are an excellent way to improve the beauty of your property while promoting a healthy way of living. Here are some great ideas:

          • Permeable paving systems                             Composting

          • Synthetic grass                                            Rain Harvest Systems

          • Erosion Control                                         • Sediment Control

          • Recycled and Reused Materials                      • Planting with native species



Garden Beds in Arcata, California

Edible Gardens and Garden Beds are a great way to enjoy your outdoor space. Planting fruits, vegetables, and/or herbs lead to a healthier lifestyle. We build our boxes from natural cedar planks (non-pressure treated) with a gopher wire bottom. The cedar planks and wire bottom allows for good drainage, proper air flow through soil, and gopher prevention. These boxes are 18 to 24 inches tall for easy harvest and planting. Our boxes are built to order to fit your specific needs.


drainagecheck In Humboldt County, solving and preventing drainage problems is extremely important. These problems are common in our area and can limit the enjoyment of your home. Always properly evaluate the overall water movement and soil infiltration of your property. Installing a dry creek bed to facilitate water runoff and add beauty to your landscape may be a perfect solution. drycreekbed

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